Welcome to Re—Pull Library. 

We are an online fashion service where you can rent or purchase from our curated library of custom fashion and archived designer items.

Step 1:
Pick your items. All of our items are available for 3-day or 5-day rental periods, or for purchase. 

Step 2:
Select your rental dateThe first date you select on the calendar is the day that your rental period starts. Our calendar will automatically show you when your Return Date is, and that is the day your items are due back to our studio.  

Step 3:
Proceed to the Check Out page and pay for your order. 

Step 4:
If renting with us for the first time - fill out the Loan Agreement Form. Once we receive your order, we will email you a Loan Agreement Form that needs to be completed with your credit card information. This form needs to be filled out and emailed back to us immediately upon receiving, so that we can prepare your items in time for your Rental Start Date. (Once we have your completed Loan Agreement Form on file, you won't need to repeat this step for future orders.)
If purchasing items - simply follow the Check Out page instructions. 

Step 5:
When renting with us, in addition to the rental fees and any applicable shipping fees, we charge your credit card for a Rental Deposit (the full purchase value of all items in your order) until your rented items are returned back to us. We will return the Rental Deposit to your credit card once we receive all rented items back on time and in original condition. If any items are damaged or lost, additional charges will apply. Please refer to our complete Rental Policy for more information. 

Step 6:
We prepare your items for pick up or delivery. Once your credit card is processed, as per Step 5, your items will be ready to go. You will be updated by an email notification. Please read through our Shipping Policy for further details. 

Step 7:
Receive and enjoy your items. Please keep the packing list and all the packaging that your items come in - you will need them to send your items back to us. 

Step 8:
Return your items.
For local returns,
all items must be back at our studio by 3pm on your Return Date. 
For Canada Post returns, all items must be shipped out on the Return Date of your order. Follow the link to print a return label, and enter the Canada Post Return ID# and Return Authorization# found on your packing slip. Then simply drop off your package at the nearest Canada Post location by your Return Date.

Please make sure to read through our entire Rental Policy before placing your order. 


*For any editorial requests, please send us an email with a Letter of Responsibility and your shoot details. We will determine on a case-by-case basis if the project is the right fit for us.